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What is RENEW?

It’s a group who gathers together to renew their lives through a relationship with God and one another.

Renew aims to rejuvenate relationships through authentic gatherings where a person experiences God’s unconditional love, grace, mercy and fellowship, in and through study of the scriptures as well as the advocating of consistent redeeming service.

How is RENEW different than a Bible study?

RENEW looks to redeem and restore one’s life through relationships which provide authentic experience, education and kindness. We are attempting to recover from a life without true meaning and move toward one with eternal significance. We aim to become geneuine followers of Jesus by connecting to His work on the cross, praising Him for it, learning more about Him and being His body in serving the world.

What Happens at RENEW?

RENEW’s primary vehicle for creating significant relationships come in weekly gatherings. We envision these gathering to take place both during the day as well as the evening. 

The basic outline of a RENEW gathering is as follows:

  • Pre - Gathering: ½ hour with dinner, musical backdrop and unique and fun conversation igniters

  • Gathering Experience: ¾ of an hour beginning with 2-4 exceptional live musical offerings (Variety is the norm from instruments to the genre of music), a thought provoking teaching on a relevant topic, time of reflection and dismissal to small group discussions.

  • Small Group Break-outs (snacks provided): ¾ of an hour for a recovery/support group (unique individual and family together), Deep Dive study group, Men's and Woman's groups and in the future even more specific support (mental illness, abuse, veterans, prison, etc.) and even season of life groups (EXAMPLE in the Multi-Media area)

  • Post - Gathering: ½ to an hour of reconvening for those wish more interaction


Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob

Gary and Carrie Castriota

Gary and Carrie Castriota

Larry and Candy Helms

Larry and Candy Helms

Bob Butler


Bob is a third career visionary. He enjoys authentically connecting with people, sharing his experience, strength and hope. Bob graduated from Northern Seminary with an MDIV in 2006. Shortly, thereafter he was ordained by the United Methodist Church. He has a passion for recovery, families, local/international missions and those far from God. 


Gary and Carrie

Recovery Group Co-Leaders /Hospitality Leaders(Itasca)

Gary and Carrie are fun loving working professionals who enjoy being authentic. They both have years of experience in supporting those in recovery or who are in need of recovery. Renew recovery is for anyone who is hurting either because of their own addiction or someone else’s. We all are recovering from something. .


Larry and Candy Helms

Discovery Group Leaders /Hospitality Leaders (Itasca)

Larry and Candy are Co-vocational leaders. They both involved with the public everyday. They’re both fountains of encouragement and love for those who are looking to discover a life worth living.

Jim Osborn

Jim Osborn

Brian Riordan

Brian Riordan


Discovery Group Co-Leader (Montgomery)

Jim is a salesperson by day and a Bible scholar by night. He is a husband, father and grandfather. He enjoys helping others learn more about God’s word.

He has been part of RENEW for the past two years. He is deeply passionate about his faith in Jesus.


Brian Riordan

Discovery Group Co-Leader /Men’s Breakout Leader (Montgomery)

Brian is bi-vocational. He currently works for local concern in sales management. Brian is the father to two wonderful children, a husband and our resident apologist. Brian has a passion for leading a relationally connected group that embodies the values of RENEW while transferring the weekly message in an authentic and relevant way. 

Diane Butler

Diane Butler

Kathy Osborn

Kathy Osborn

Jim Llyod

Jim Llyod

Cheryl Llyod

Cheryl Llyod

Stacy Gyuricza

Stacy Gyuricza

Mike Gyuricza

Mike Gyuricza

Paula Riordan

Paula Riordan

Diane Butler

Childcare Rotation Leader/Recovery Break-out Co-Leader (Montgomery)/Women’s Breakout Leader (Itasca)

Diane is bi-vocational. She is a special education teacher (Dist. 365U) and co-leads our Recovery break-out group. She also has been instrumental in coordinating dinners, establishing our childcare area to ensure the time with the children is age-appropriate, safe, relational and fun experience. 

She is part of Renew for two reasons: First, to help others build their relationship with Jesus Christ Second, to help others build authentic relationships with others.   



Connections Leader (Montgomery)

Kathy is bi-vocational. She works part-time in the local school district and leads the RENEW effort to provide ridiculous support to keep our RENEW family connected.

She is mother, grandmother, wife and educator. She cares deeply for people, young people with special needs and the families of RENEW.


Frank and Maria Demaio

Connections Leaders

Frank and Maria are quick with a laugh and prayer. They come to Renew with hopes of helping others. Their compassionate hearts are always on display for those willing to open up and authentically share. They can’t wait to meet you!



Hospitality Dinner Leader (Montgomery)

Jim is bi-vocational. He works as a independent midwest sales representative. He and his wife orchestrate all the dinners and food for our Renew events. He is an incredible son. husband, father and grandfather. 


Cheryl Llyod

Hospitality Dinner Assistant/Woman’s Group Assistant (Montgomery)

Cheryl and Jim are a great team. They have been married 47 years. They have two married daughters and four grandchildren. Cheryl loves to support Renew through serving beside Jim. When she is not serving, she loves to garden and sew.


Stacy Gyuricza

Women’s Break-out Leader (Montgomery)

Stacy Gyuricza is tri-vocational. Chief executive officer at Stay-at-home parent and works at painter, designer, stager and Self-Employed

She also leads a women’s group at Renew.  She's deeply passionate about sharing with women how very much they are loved by God and how much He desires a relationship with them. She believes women can learn from each other every week through authentic sharing. 


Mike Gyuricza

Tech Arts Director (Montgomery)

Mike is a superstar when it comes to all things technical. He is married to Stacy and they have two wonderful children. Mike enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together the right way. When not helping out at Renew, he'd like to be racing.


Paula Riordan

Hospitality Team Leader/ Recovery Team (Montgomery)

Paula is bi-vocational. She works as a spanish translator for various concerns. She has a passion for her family, for recovery and scrapbooking. Paula brings levity to RENEW making everyone feel special.  

Latest ReNew NEWS

RENEW Spring 2019


  Missio Dei

  Unconditional love

  Father

  Prayer

  Will of God

  Society

  Defects of Character

  Temptations

  Politics

  Church

  Enemies

  Forgiveness

  Error

  Unbelief

  Friendship

  Marriage

  Family

  Women

  Wrath

  Riches

  Poverty

  Giving to Man

  Giving to God

  War

  Nonresistance/boundaries

  Rights

  Character

  Death

  Love

  Work

  Teaching

  Disease

  Kingdom of Heaven

  Hell

  Falsehood

  Judgment

  Faith and Trust

  Sacrifice

  Holy Spirit

  Pleasures

  Purpose

  Jesus

  Moral Ideas

  Good News

  Supernatural

  Technology

  Sex

  Idols

  Cults movements

  Kindness

  Violence

  Complacency

Come join us with a friend (or two).



Renew - Itasca


The Center, 400 N. Walnut St. Itasca, IL (Formerly Bethany UMC)


We meet every Monday from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Dinner and childcare provided


224.33.RENEW (224.337.3639) or rev.bob.butler@gmail.com


Located on the Corner of Walnut and Division (Door 4 or 5 are the easy access doors)

Located on the Corner of Walnut and Division (Door 4 or 5 are the easy access doors)



Renew - Boulder Hill/Oswego/Montgomery


71 Boulder Hill Pass, Boulder Hill, IL


We meet every Thursday from 6 to 8:00pm and dinner is included


224.33.RENEW (224.337.3639) or rev.bob.butler@gmail.com

The location is in a strip mall

The location is in a strip mall

Imagine a place where individuals & groups come together to discover a life worth living through authentic relationships?

Imagine a place where individuals & groups come together to discover a life worth living through authentic relationships?

RENEW is a ministry to the "none, done and undone." It's focus is to first establish two relationships (God and others) through unique gatherings which involve dinner, details and discussion. The goal of which is to assist the Holy Spirit in redeeming individuals and communities in Christ's name. 

RENEW is a division of Impact For Jesus. IFJ was formed around three ideas: International Missions, Leadership Development and Church Expansion. IFJ has done a good job in developing and sustaining the first two foci. However, it hasn't been until recently that the third has surfaced.

If you would like to know more, please contact Bob Butler at 630.806.9936 or come to RENEW on Thursdays. For more current information, check out our Facebook page @RENEWRELATIONSHIPS .

The ministry operates under the non-profit umbrella of Impact for Jesus (a recognized 501c3 organization) which means all gifts are tax-deductible. The ministry will operate on the generosity of its participants, the organizations who provide facilities and third party donations. 

If you would like to support the mission, please click the button below


if you would rather send a check to: IFJ-RENEW, 2863 W. 95th street, Suite 143-226, Naperville, IL 60564

Please select "RENEW" from the drop down menu in Paypal


We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to stay in relationship with us.  Therefore, we are striving to include our weekly content for all those who can't come to the weekly gathering. A computer screen or set of speakers will never replace the community aspect of ReNew. If you are just checking us out, we beg you to consider coming to a ReNew nitght soon. Until then, enjoy the messages!

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Audio Recordings


Video Recordings

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RENEW: Possessions 2/02./7

RENEW Friendships 1/05/17

ReNew: Unbelief 12/29/16

The Book




What now?

Much has been discussed and written about concerning the missional-incarnational movement in recent years. While many agree on the orthodoxy of this movement, only a few seem to take the practice of this movement serious. Renew: A missional movement for the “none, done and undone” serves as a missional-incarnational primer highlighting the practices of living with a missional purpose. This is a practical handbook for anyone wanting to alert their neighborhood or community to the rule and reign of God.” —Terry Ishee, Director of Online Residency and Hub Programs for Forge America

And the Future….

“The world is desperate for deep people who admit, commit, submit and practice the principles of Jesus. Bob Butler does. Bob really knows Jesus, and you can too. The question is not “What if I die tonight?” The question on most of our minds is “What am I going to do about tomorrow?” We need a way to live fully into Christ-likeness. Bob has given us a helpful practical guide to grow deeper in our faith. I am thankful for it!” —Rev. Dr. Mark Foster, Founding and Sr. Pastor of Acts 2 Church Church Planting Coach, Edmond, Oklahoma

Rev. Butler is available for coaching, mentoring, preaching and public speaking. In addition to RENEW on Thursday nights, Robert leads a new Forge Residency group at the Center in Itasca, Illinois.. Please contact him directly at info@communitycenter.life.