RENEW for Mission

It was over 7 months ago when I took a break from professional servitude. I had seen enough of religion. I wanted no part of it. Today, i realize I had a part in my disdain. The old habits of workaholism, materialism, competition, self-sufficiency and even spiritual pride drove a resentment I couldn't shake. Bruce Springsteen's line from the song "better Days" says it well, "It's a sad funny ending to find yourself pretending (you're) a rich man in a poor man's shirt." I was pretending, playing a role but a resentment had muddied the one vital relationship that fueled my soul.

I have written about the journey in previous blogs. I've read a lot of books, traveled, volunteered, spent a great deal of time with family and talked to a lot of people. All of it has been cathartic. However, it has also spawned an idea whose time has come. The idea is named, "RENEW." Renew is unique. It's not a religion, denomination, church, bible study, recovery program, social club, service organization or even a concert. However, it does contain elements of all of them. RENEW is a mission to discover a life worth living - a life where relationships with God and others are enhanced through joint experience, education and kindness. It's a gathering of folks who genuinely want to become all they were created to be spiritually despite the brokenness that comes with living in this place and time. 

Are you wondering what the meaning of this life is? Have you been a part  of a faith only to find it empty? Have you ever been broken by seemingly genuine relationships which turned out to being something else? Are you longing for the authentic and tired of the superficial?

If so, then RENEW is for you! Check out the website ( or the facebook page. If you want to be part of the team, give me a call, text, email or message me sometime soon. We will begin to RENEW this fall!