RE-New your sense of right and wrong

Have you ever wonder about your internal compass of right and wrong? Have you ever wrestled with a decision where both ways seem good and true? I have. I’ve wrestled with the idea of helping another at the cost of breaking what I thought was a stupid company rule. “We’re in the business of helping folks” was my justification. I also knew if I took the time to ask what to do, it would mean meetings, delays and the possibility management might say no. However, if I just went ahead, I could claim ignorance or better yet, maybe nobody would ever find out. The latter would be proof, God was on my side. The former would allow some wiggle room for forgiveness. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where did you turn for
advice – a sage, mentor, family member, blog, Google or a book?

The author Robert Spears years ago wrote, “Jesus didn’t attempt to issue a code of laws to hide human conduct. He put men in possession of great moral principles which they would have to apply themselves…His ‘new commandment’ contained a principle which would solve (all questions regarding ones conduct)”

The command was simple: love God and love one another. This advice is so straightforward but it so incredibly difficult to fully implement into our lives. A command doesn't require clarification. A command doesn't ask if we agree. A command doesn't ask for discussion. A command is an absolute. It does not give leeway, no exemption, no excuses, only simple compliance. Do you love this way? Is it even possible?

We question the possibility and even debate the meaning of the words because we know the answer fights with our humanness. It stands in stark contrast with the world's teaching that "we need to look out for number one." However, real renewal or freedom in this life comes in the standard God set for Himself when he let us know He loved us. A love He first shared in our creation. A love so great He tried to share His wisdom when He advised us, served us, rescued us and even promised us when He left behind His Spirit to walk with us. Love is an action word for God and His actions are evidence of real truth, unselfishness and purity.

  • Truth is truth. It contains no error. It has no flaw or justification. In the words on the coffee mug: "It is, what it is."
  • Unselfishness is the obedience to serve others so our friends, comfort and life are viewed as an alternative lifestyle to the world around us.
  • Purity is a ten dollar word for inner desire or deep longing for all that is good in the larger understanding of a life that is eternal.

As you review the previous list, do you see anything confrontational? Any aspect you might disagree with? I don't believe anyone can find fault and yet, so many retrench when confronted with this idea and the man who spoke it.

RENEW aims to help us live this love in practical ways through authentic relationships. If you'd like to continue the discussion, consider joining the RENEW crew on October 6th at 1251 Windham Parkway, Romeoville, IL. We begin at 6pm with dinner and end by 8pm. Childcare and the dinner are provided for free.